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Currently, there are over 60 providers of product owner training in the Netherlands. We will explain which trainings are popular and why we developed our own training; Product owner in practice.

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In the summer of 2021, we presented a survey of product owners in the Netherlands. Of the 1,000+ respondents, over 40% had a PSPO I (Professional Scrum Product Owner) certificate. This makes it the most popular certificate for product owners in the Netherlands. However, in another survey we did, we saw that the PSPO 1 is in less than 10% of the job offers noted as a pré or as a condition. So basically it is a certificate for your own development.

What we find a major disadvantage of these PSPO courses is that they are often purely focused on the theoretical content. Despite all the efforts of the agencies to make the courses interactive and in line with the expectations of the candidate, we often receive feedback that it does not sufficiently prepare the product owners for ’the real work’. The agencies can’t be blamed for that, since they have to follow strict guidelines from the organization that devised the training courses. (

Nevertheless, it is a popular product owner training. Prices at these agencies range from 1,200 to 1,500 euros and it takes you about two days. Don’t know if and where to take this PSPO training? You can always send us a message and we’ll help you get started.

    Our training

  • Personal contact during the training
  • Consists of two dayparts of which one is on location
  • This second day part is 100% personalized
  • You’ll receive a certificate
  • Includes a support line

 Why you should do it?

  • Focus on your development
  • 1 daypart at your desired location
  • Your input pays off
  • Only €795,- for a tailor-made training course

Product owner in practice

In 2019, at the request of some customers, we have developed a hands-on training course to train product owners in situations relevant to them, where the goal is to really make them take a leap in their effectiveness so that the product or project they are working on is actually developed faster and better.

The characteristic of our training is that it always has a custom component. With homework in advance, the training itself of half a day (including lunch) and a 1:1 coaching session 3 weeks after the training. Because we work with small classes you will receive more than enough attention.

Because our product owner trainers have over 10 years of practical experience at various companies, they are able to quickly understand how they can help you. We have had setbacks and have toasted on the successes. We are happy to share these experiences with you.

What can I do after this training


What steps are important for my project

We go through the rhythms and rituals of your practice


Confidence in your own abilities

We will focus on directly applicable and proven exercises and techniques


Insight into development needs

Together we will find if and what attention is needed to develop yourself well and fast


Stakeholder mapping

You have insight into your most important stakeholders and know how to connect them to your project


An attack plan

We will create a plan together to immediately put what we have learned into practice

product owner trainging

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